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Isabella the new American Girl has come out. What does she look like and how does here story go.
  • Who she is: She's an inspired dancer who discovers her own way to shine
  • Where she lives: Isabelle lives and attends school in Washington, D.C., surrounded by the bustle and culture of the city
  • Favorite activities: Practicing ballet and designing dance costumes
  • Best friends: Luisa, a modern dancer; and Gabriel, a magician
  • Fun fact: When Isabelle is dancing, she sometimes pretends she's a water lily skipping and spinning across a pond
  • What changes her life: The realization that she can use her design skills to help others
  • What she discovers: There's no one else out there with your unique talents
  • What one-of-a-kind talents do you have?

Back again

My holiday was great. I really had a nice long rest of all the busy weeks I have gone

Holiday for me

Hey you all,

I am on holiday for six weeks now. I will be on my site sometimes, to just check on it. I hope you guys have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!!!


Join our fun events this year!!!!!

Enter now for you only have a few days left.

Making Christmas presents                                           6 November.....

Making Christmas Presents

It is time to make presents for all your doll fan friends, all around the world. You make them and  I will send to your friends. hihihih!!! it's going to be fun.

Just some rules!!!!!
- First have a parent give you permission to enter into this event.
- Make sure that you make something homemade. It can be any kind of thing; just be sure to make it to the best of your ability, for you are making it for someone else.
- If you would like to send it to a special friend that you know, just give me the home address and I will send it to her for you.
- your friend has to be part of Dolls World or else you have to pay for the shipping and the packing of the present.
-If you don't have a friend  you want to send it to, then I will find a freind who didn't receive a present yet. There will be a letter added to it that will tell your name and home address (or email) which ever one you will give me.
- The rules are that you have to make something and then send it to me and I will judge it, if it is suitable to send to a friend .
- Send your present to this address: Meara Road 1226, Queenswood.
- If you want to send me something, please first make a picture and then send me that picture via email, so that I may judge it.
                                                                    Thank you for your help

This event ends the 3 of December !!!!!!!

Summer costume party                                             16 October........

Summer costume party!!!!!

Its summer here in south Africa for those who don't know. And that means that it is the swimming season. hihihihihi!!! What am I happy. Now dress up your dolls for a swimming party.

Summer Costume Photo Contest!

 -First have a Parent's permission to enter in this event for I do want them to know about what you are entering in and not entering in.

-Take a picture of your doll in a swimming suit or  (like I did with Andrea) a beach style or any summer swimming style you can thing of You can make your own doll clothes or they may be bought at american dolls stores. I think that it is must more fun to make it yourself.  Be creative with your dolls clothes and shoes is the most fun thing to do 

-If you have dressed up your doll take a picture of her and send it to me via email In your email put your name( nickname), surname and the name of your dolls name . You can use an any doll you which to use. It can be a rag doll, paper doll, or an heart4heart doll etc.

-Send your picture to this email address [email protected] I will judge your picture if it is suitable to put it on my website if not I will tell you so. Please make sure that you send only one picture pure email.

-The last day to send in your picture is 22th of November . 

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my site!!!!!

                                                                                                                                  21 April 2011
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