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July votes                                      Summer Time

If you want to enter into this event you must send me your photes of you and your dolls in summer time. You can send them to my email address ([email protected]). Please only send one photo per email. And put your name and your dolls name on it.You can also add a message that I will put on the website with your picture.This event end the 21 August.

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Some summer outfits Ideas

 Watch this video clip for summer outfit ideas. It from americangirl dolls.
-Posted by Esther-

These are the photes I already got. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Feedback for those that entered

21 August                                                                                                                         2013
Thank you for entering in this voteing event. All the photos where really great. It really as if you are all in the summer holiday mood. I put all my summer photoes at the top in the slide show. Just take a look at it for those that did not enter into this event. Hope you all had fun

The winner:
Janet Dickerson. WOW.


                                  Dress up party

Enter Now the dress up party. It very easy dress up your dolls for a princess and prince party. make it as sweet as you can. Send the pictures to me and I will decide who winnes the winner get a American girl Historical fiction  Book. Will it be you!!!!!! well let us see. End data for entering is 21 September.
Thank you


Feedback for those that entered

21 September                                                                                                             2013
It was a great doll dress up. You girls really made your doll clothes pretty. I really enjoyed watching the photes you guys send me.

The winner: Clara Smith WOW you got the prize. Bingo!!!!!!!

                                                  Sport delight

This month event is quit simple. Its olny a view questions you have to answer that all. The subject is Sports and dolls mixed. Hope you all have fun. This will only last till the 3 of october.


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