All my own dolls craft I do at home.

All my doll things I make and do at home I post here to give you more ideas how to make things and do things. Some things I will show you how to do and others you will just see a picture or home video's


Doll Hairstyles

Mini Bun

take up your dolls hair at the side them take them to the top.

Them take that small section of your doll's hair and twist it!!

Them add a pin to it!!!

What you have made

Doll hair video clips

                                 I got it from youtube.

My homemade school set......

How I made it.....

I made a bookself out of a cardboard box. I adds some homemade doll school booklets. For those who get my ALL ABOUT DOLLS newsletter you will know how to make those booklets. I cut out some maps from a magazine. I also covered a little square box with wallpaper for a desk. I made my own little  laptop and doll foods for the teachers desk. I did cut soon pencils to a shorter leangth for my dolls to write with.  It is so much fun to make this all. 

for more infomation how I made it just let me know. there is a forum below that you can fill in for any questions that you have. I will reaply to it as soon as possible.


How to do your dolls washing!!!

Are your doll clothes dirty and muddy. Well here are tips how to do it quick and easy.
1) Get the soap out of your moms cupboard. I doesn't matter which soap you us just make sure it is cloth washing soap and not dishwasher soap. For that may damage your doll cloth. For example fade the printings or make it all hard and colour less.

 2) Its opsoinal, but you can also add some softner like this comfort mixer that I will use for my doll clothes. just see what you still have in the cupboard and use that.
3) Get your washing out and lay it all out and see what is woolen and take that out to wash seperatly. Just wash all the normall things and be careful for the buttons and sharp edge things.
Put water in a big tub. It better if you use hot water for then it kills all the jerms better. Then add your soap and softner if you have some.

Forum for questions

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